VIP Business Building Blueprint

You have your own marketer and strategist in your pocket!

We work together to identify your primary goals and then I create a very actionable marketing and implementation plan to make them happen. The plan is customized to your specific needs but based upon methods proven in the marketplace. Once the plan is agreed upon, you can take it and implement it yourself or I can help as a Done With You service.

The strategic Custom Built Blueprint option allows us to lay out a comprehensive roadmap to attain your business goals. With this option, we would start with an in-depth questionnaire and additional phone call that will allow us to go a bit deeper than we have in past discussions regarding your goals/desired outcomes. After that, I would create a specific strategic plan for you that:


Builds upon the foundation you have already effectively created



Produces measurable results



Is easy to implement



Makes sense for your business plan


With this option, you will walk away with a practice marketing and sales plan specific to each identified goal/desired outcome that enhances your current plan for optimal success. After that is prepared, we would meet again for another phone session to ensure that this strategic plan is WORKABLE for you. In other words, we will clarify when you will handle each aspect, ensure that it is do-able, determine any items that need to be cut back, determine aspects that need to be ramped up and identify any areas that you feel are unreasonable or require clarification and additional support. Modifications would be made and an additional phone call for review would ensue.

Should you choose Done With You Implementation, it includes everything above and requires a 3 month commitment for consistent and full implementation. In addition, we will typically meet once or twice a month for a couple of hours at a time – but my commitment will always match yours in this partnership. So, while we schedule phone meetings each month, I am available to you on an as-needed basis via email or phone. The bottom line is this: if you need more of me, I will make myself available.


  • 3-Month Membership in Bariatric Business Accelerator with Access to All Membership Resources & Trainings
  • Initial Business Questionnaire
  • Creation of Customized Gap Analysis Plan/Business Blueprint with Actionable Steps & Timeline to Accomplish Identified Goals
  • Phone Call for Plan Review
  • Weekly Consultative Calls for Optimal Accountability & Implementation
  • Ongoing e-Mail Access for 3 Months Following Purchase